Notice to all OMC customers and followers.

OMC opened its doors to the motorcycle community almost six years ago to the day!

However, it is with much sadness and regret that, due to rising costs, a short fall of turn over and the change of our lease has left us with an uncertain future. 

Therefore, I am forced to announce that OMC will be closing its doors within the next month. We have tried over the last 18 months to combat this moment, with various initiatives and schemes but the reality meant we had to raise prices and now we are at a point where the balance has swung away from the customers’ advantage of saving money. 

As I am sure you’ll understand, this has been a very difficult and painful decision to make, both Matt and our hard-core customers, as well as myself feel passionately about motorcycling and firmly believe that a workshop such as OMC has a place in the motorcycle community. 

Over the past six years OMC has helped many of you with your motorcycle maintenance and servicing. We helped and guided many riders to realise their own potential by demystifying this perceived dark art. 
We are proud to have trained over 1200 riders with our extremely popular Basic Maintenance and Inspection Course.
We’ve had a really enjoyable time working with you in a professional yet informal atmosphere, often created by you the customer and fueled by us. We have helped riders with their racing and track day bikes as well as sponsoring a few racers albeit with small change.
We’ve helped manage many project bikes and restorations. We’ve also had some crazy experiences with some riders, whose machines were totally un-road worthy and therefore, without wishing to be dramatic, I’d like to say we saved more than a few of you from some very unpleasant situations.

Whatever your particular style of riding may be, be it commuter, pleasure, touring, adventure, racing or a combination of if not all of the afore mentioned; what we all have in common is the passion and desire to learn, fettle and above all ride our motorcycles. During the past six years we have had the privilege to meet an extraordinary and diverse group of people, many of you become more than loyal customers, you became more than friends, you became OMC family, the 2016 Christmas OMC drinks were a testament to that. 

When we were first opening and “putting us out there” we had a comment made about us on social media, “You won’t last six months”. Well we lasted six years and we are very proud of that fact. 

In a few years maybe, just maybe, there will another style of OMC workshop, I know that you will share the same pride, that we were the original self-service motorcycle workshop in the UK and you were part of it.

I personally would like to thank each and every one of you for the support shown over the last six years, but especially to Matt for his commitment and dedication and lastly, to Team OMC.

Ride safe, keep it rubber side down and remember a well maintained motorbike is a safe motorbike.

Simon Fraulo OMC.

Step inside OMC

Cut the cost of servicing!


The OMC offers a fully equipped workshop for you to service, maintain and repair your motorcycle.

We have up to ten workstations for hire.

Each workstation comes with an extensively stocked tool chest and a hydraulic bike lift.


A mechanic is always on hand to advise and assist if required.

Dedicated tools are also available for more specialised jobs.


Our aim is to make your time at OMC as informative and cost effective as possible, but more importantly enjoyable.


How OMC Works

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OMC Training

Prices & Facilities


Contact Us

Standard Bench time £27/hr Tel 020 7720 3621


9Bench Time £29/hr Ex VAT

Bench Time Includes: 


Professional Tool Chest


Experienced Mechanic for Advice & Assistance

Bike Lift 




Special Tools 



Changing Room

Free Tea & Coffee

Free 9-point Bike Check!

Is your motorcycle fit for purpose and ready for the road?


At OMC we aim to keep motorcycling as affordable and as safe as possible.

With this in mind we are offering you the chance to come and get your bike checked out for free! 

This service should take no more than 15-20 minutes.

Bike check includes;

Tyres; Brakes; Wheel bearings; Steering bearings; Chain & sprockets; Coolant; Charging; Suspension and Basic Electrics.


A healthy bike is a safer bike.


For more see How to use OMC

Experience "Doing It Yourself" at OMC. The UK’s first motorcycle self-service and repair workshop.

"This place does exactly what it says on the tin.

It is an open workshop, has all the tools you need and makes light of any job you need.

I wheeled the bike in there for an hour and changed my steering damper, OK should have been a 20 min job, but the environment lends itself to tinkering.  I rode in with no tools, and rode out with no tools. £24* well spent in my opinion." (*price at time of quote April 2011.)

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