Oval Motorcycle Centre was concived by me Simon Fraulo, along time motorcyclist. I grew up in Suffolk with access to motorcycle workshops and learned how to maintain and restore bikes from an early age. When I moved to London the only option to work on my bikes was the side of the road. Not great when it rains or you don't have the right tool and worse when the job goes wrong! After twelve years of pain I was lucky enough to get a small workshop at the bottom of the garden and harmony was restored in my life. In time I had come to realise that a lot of friends and friends of friends were using my workshop and knowledge. This was all fine and I enjoyed the company and banter; then one day in 2009, I had the eureka moment the one idea that sparks a chain of events that escalate and before I knew what was happening I had survey results, properties lined up, solicitors and accountants on standby. In Feb 2011 we moved into Clyston Street and six short weeks later we opened and OMC was born! 

From This!

To This!

"I know OMC gets a lot of mentions on the forum but ........ if you have a bike and no garage/drive you should take note. OMC provides a warm, clean and really well equipped place to maintain or service your bike. Tea included."

Contact Us

Email:  Info@OMC

Oval Motorcycle Centre

15-17 Clyston Street

London SW8 4TT

Tel: 020-7720-3621

Opening Hours

Tues - Fri 10am - 6pm

Sat ---------10am - 7pm

Sun ---------Closed

Mon ---------Closed

Evening By Appointment



Bench Time Includes:

  • Professional Tool Chest
  • Experienced Mechanic 
  • Bike Lift
  • Workbench
  • Special Tools
  • Free Tea & Coffee
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