How to Use OMC

Depending on what it is you want to do we recommend a quick phone call or better still call in to have a chat about what it is you'll need. Once this is done, book by phone, online or even just roll up.

Once here we will give you a brief run down as to where everything is and where you can change into overalls and store personal items.


Your bike will loaded onto a ramp by us and with your help if needed. We will check with you that your workstation has all the tools you need to complete the work you will be doing. Each work station has a bike lift, a Workbench and a complete tool chest, stocked with all the basic tools needed. All extra tools or specialised tools are held in another cabinet and are available, for free, on request.


Once on the lift your time starts. We will make sure that you are under way and comfortable before leaving you to get on with the job. At this point don't panic as help is always there and never more than a few feet away.


During your time you may need assistance or advice, this is free so there are no hidden costs. Sometimes you may have to wait as we may be dealing with other customers, but we will get to you so please be patient. This is taken into account on your bill.


Should you have broken bolts, studs or stripped threads, we will deal with this for you, as this will require a certain level of experience and we don't want you to feel under any pressure or to damage your bike.

Once you have finished we will give the bike a once over and check that you have really finished. Then we will remove the bike from the lift and you can settle up and be on your way.


If for whatever reason you can't finish in one go, you can leave the bike with us and arrange to come back the next day or when it is convenient for you. There is no extra cost for this provided that the time period is reasonable.


At the OMC we want you to maximise your time and have the best experience you can while working on your machine.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you best use the facilities and your time.

Bring your workshop manual! If you don't have one, we strongly recommend you buy one. Haynes Manuals have a very comprehensive range and are easy to follow. We can order any Haynes Manual for you, if in print, at a discounted price or, if you don't have time, you can go to Halfords stores or motorcycle shops where these are also available. 

Order the spares you need, through us, prior to arriving. This means you're not running around town trying to find the gaskets you might need while your bike is eating up time on the bench.


Research the job you intend to do. Don't be put off if it sounds complex; the great thing about the OMC is that there is always someone there to help. Even if the task takes two hours longer than taking it to a dealership it will still be considerably cheaper and give you a sense of personal satisfaction.


Pre-order large items and have them sent, recorded delivery, to your name at the OMC (your name, c/o Oval Motorcycle Centre, 15-17 Clyston Street, London, SW8 4TT). Phone to check that the items have arrived before calling to book a bench. We have space to store your parts; from wheel bearing and filters to fairings and exhausts, or even whole frames, at no extra cost.


There is strength in numbers. If you are new to motorcycle maintenance, you may feel happier to come along with a friend who also wants to learn or already has some experience in motorcycle mechanics. We will endeavour to put you side-by-side.


For larger jobs, book the longer discounted time periods: this will allow you, with the right timing, up to 3 days bench time. There is no extra charge for keeping your bike on the bench overnight while the premises are shut.


Top OMC tip "NEVER RUSH" doing so will take longer as you need to put right what will go wrong if you do rush. 


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Oval Motorcycle Centre

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Tel: 020-7720-3621

Opening Hours

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Bench Time Includes:

  • Professional Tool Chest
  • Experienced Mechanic 
  • Bike Lift
  • Workbench
  • Special Tools
  • Free Tea & Coffee
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